Spooky Halloween Promotions

Every October, people dust off their costumes and look to dress as scary as possible, as Halloween night is a global pastime where ghouls and ghosts come out to play. Understanding the popularity of the ghastly festivities, the online casino industry always looks to raise its game this time of year. Making sure that plenty of scares are to be found this October, several major casinos have revamped their bonuses and promotions for the Halloween season. If you are looking for thrills and chills when you spin the reels this autumn, pay close attention. After trawling through various leading casino portals such as MrCasinon.com, the following are the pick of the bunch when it comes bonuses, promotions, and playing incentives this Halloween.

Royal Frights at Spin Empire Casino

Spin Empire don’t beat around the bush when it comes to detailing what games they offer. When you play here you can expect slots, slots, and more slots whichever way you turn. Making sure that this Halloween it is more trick than treat, they are providing several thrilling promotions. New players will find themselves royally rewarded for their first deposit. Not only will it be matched by 1000%, but 750 free spins will also be thrown in on top. ‘Trick or Treat’ offers will also be taking place daily, which will expose players to some brand new games that Spin Empire has to offer. If all the above wasn’t enough, Spin Empire are also allowing players to get involved in the cross-promotional ‘€200,000 Booo-nanza Promotion’ too.

All Aboard the Ghost Ship at Casino Cruise

Through unique promotions and a stacked game selection, Casino Cruise has emerged as the key online casino brand to watch. Capitalising on their newfound momentum, they have look to bump up the stakes this Halloween. Those who choose to play at Casino Cruise during this promotional period will receive 20 free spins when they deposit €20. These spins can be used on various horror themed games including Frankenstein slots and the movie inspired mega release Aliens. If you are looking for a fright this Halloween, then be sure to take a ride on the Casino Cruise ‘Ghost Ship’.

Halloween Freeroll arrives at Grande Vegas Casino

While there is a lot to love about single-shot slots play, it isn’t all that is available to players this October. The thrill of competition is alive and well through a Halloween Freeroll tournament at Grande Vegas Casino. Over £2,500 is up for grabs through the hilariously horrifying ‘Count Spectacular’. Considered to be some of RTG’s finest work, this game is sure to send chills down the spin of players around Europe this Halloween.

Suck Blood at Bingo Hall

The last promotion on this list is one for the online bingo players out there. Bingo Hall has brought out the frights through Blood Suckers, as this video slot brings players plenty of vampire-inspired action. Free spins and cash incentives are on offer, so players should swing by Bingo Hall and try their hand at Blood Suckers sooner rather than later.


Thrills, Spills, and Everything In-between


This Halloween is set to be the biggest of all time when it comes to online casino gaming. No matter where you play, you are likely to find promotion after promotion. If ghouls and ghastly things are of interest to you this October, make sure you take note of what has been mentioned above.

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4 tips to improve your mobile casino experience

Mobile casino gaming is now as big a gambling platform as its desktop and laptop based big brother. Players all around the globe are seeing the benefit of gambling when on the move, as mobile casino apps now dominate the App Store and Play Store charts. While the amount of user engagement is up, there are still plenty of players who aren’t quite having the success that they though they should. What many seem to not understand is that there is a knack to playing mobile casino games. In order to give you a leg up next time you play through a mobile casino, keep the following sure-fire tips in mind.

Tip No.1 – Shop around for the best mobile casino deal

It has been said a thousand times, but it bears repeating once again here today. By no means are all mobile casinos created equal, as there are varying differences in quality out there in today’s marketplace. This means that it pays for players to shop around in order to located the very best deal. If you use an online casino portal and keep your eyes peeled, you can find a mobile casino that will actually pay you to play. A good example of this is Sverigescasinon.net, which offers some of the best deals online at the moment – For example, you can pick up 100 free spins without a deposit requirement at http://www.vipcasino.nu/recension/sverigecasino/. Through bonus and promotions you can really make better use of your mobile casino play time. By using online casino portals you can also better evaluate a mobile casinos credentials.

Tip No. 2 – Keep an eye on your bankroll

While there is no denying the pick up and play nature of mobile casino gaming, this does have a tendency to create problems. Players can often become detached from reality of the situation, which is that real money is up for grabs every time you press the bet button. As this is the case you can’t play at a mobile casino without having one eye permanently locked on your account balance. There is every chance that you will lose money, but you should only ever let that occur in controlled circumstances. Keep an eye on your bankroll, beware of greed, don’t chase loses, and you should be well on your way to enjoying the mobile casino experience.

Tip No. 3 – Learn about game rules and related payouts

Generally speaking mobile games replicate the ones found online, but that isn’t always the case. This is especially true if a game has been specifically created or adapted for the mobile environment. Think ahead and do your research when you play mobile casino games. Evaluate game rules before you sit down to play, while you should also take a long hard look at any related payouts. If you can’t grasp a clear understanding of the rules or feel that the payout is underwhelming, then try your fortunes elsewhere.

Tip No. 4 – Play for big stakes when you can

Why do you gamble? This is a question you must ask yourself before you start trying your luck on a mobile casino. Everyone will probably have a different answer to that question, as escapism, profit, fun, and to pass time will all be common responses. The reality is you shouldn’t gamble unless you have the serious intention of winning money. This is why if you are going to try to win money through a mobile casino you may as well play for big stakes. By playing progressive slot games you have the chance to win a sum of money that could you quiet literally retire on. These games work through a network game setup, meaning that through every play the prize pot grows. At any given time several progressive jackpot games can make you an instant millionaire, so keep an eye out for them and play for big stakes wherever possible.

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What makes for a poor online casino

For the nearly 20 years, the world has stood in awe as the online casino industry has evolved. New names and new faces have arrived to give online casino gaming a new edge from a development perspective. However, it isn’t all good news as far the online casino industry is concerned. Reason being that for every runaway smash hit that opens its doors, several duds also launch that fire very much wide of the mark. In fact, there are plenty of bad online casinos out there that players need to do there best to steer clear of. Helping players determine what constitutes a poor performing online casino, here is our guide to the unsafe, unreliable, and often questionable elements that players should watch out for.

Unethical Operations

While the online casino industry is now heavily regulated, not all online casinos opt to subscribe to such jurisdictions. There are many online casinos that opt to colour outside of the lines, which raises cause for concern. The online casinos that choose to do this often exhibit shady and unethical behaviour. Scams regarding gameplay are common within such casinos, as games tend to be anything but fair. Money holding also tends to be an issue, as unregulated casinos may not protect player’s funds after they deposit them. These concerns among others are good enough reason to avoid any casino that even showcases even the smallest sign of unethical behaviour. Thankfully, only a small number of online casinos fall into the unregulated bracket, but you still need to showcase due diligence to make sure you don’t get lured into one.

Poor Promotional Tactics

The casino bonus is now a core factor in the decision making process of online casino players. However, not every online casino is offering up a treasure trove of sign-up incentives. In fact, some of worst online casinos don’t offer players anything at all. So, if an online casino isn’t doing all they can to entice you in, then as they say, if they don’t pay then you don’t play. The easiest way to get around this one, is going through SverigesCasinon or another bonus portal, when you sign up to a new casino. Sites like these browse the web in search for the best bonuses on the market, and makes it ten times easier for us players to find them.

Lacking Customer Support

If you plan on being a long-term member of an online casino, there is every chance that you will run into trouble at some point. When this happens you need to know that an online casino can support you in your hour in need, because if they can’t you are in a world of trouble. Customer support is generally an underrated factor with regards to online casino performance, however it is much more important than most people realise. You, as a registered member, should expect nothing but full support through knowledgeable staff at your online casino of choice. If a site is consistently letting you down in such regard, then sadly you may have joined one of the world’s many poor performing online casinos.

Mismanaged Operations

The art of running an online casino in this day and age involves advanced levels of micromanagement. The reality is that the devil is truly in the details when it comes to the day-to-day operations of online casino performance. Sadly, for many online casinos operators tend to discount the importance of good management. This subsequently leads to poor online casino experiences for players. Failings from management generally become apparent with regards to site upkeep. When an online casino game selection begins to fall behind the times or an on-site UI becomes buggy, online casino mismanagement becomes clear to see.

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